Due to content cost increases from major TV networks, regional sports programmers, independent channel providers, and your local broadcast channel providers, Wave’s Cable TV rates will be adjusted in February.

At Wave, we offer our Expanded Content TV programming tier to customers at a subscription price equal to the cost we pay for the content included. When network owners increase their monthly fees to us, we pass through the new rate to those customers WHO subscribe to that tier of service. To make it easy to understand the passed-through programming costs paid to cable networks, this information is detailed on each customer’s bill.

While Wave strives to keep prices as low as possible, we—and our entire industry—continue to face dramatic increases in the costs large corporate broadcasters and cable networks charge for their content, which ultimately results in higher rates for our video subscribers. For more information on the costs associated with TV programming, please visit

Further details on all rate changes will be included in your February bill statement. Thank you for choosing Wave.

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