David “Too Tall” Glenn

Friends of David “Too Tall” Glenn came together on Sat., May 16, 2015, a beautiful summer day in Concrete, to bid him goodbye and share their stories. Memories were shared; there were many entertaining stories.

Dave and Sandy Mitchell, Guitar Davey, Bob Austin, Mark Thomas, and others hosted a lovely get together; Gracie Nieshe and Sandy Mitchell gave an inspiring invocation and “send off” for David. Friends and neighbors caught up with each other and had a potluck luncheon; the food was plentiful and delicious, and the love and remembrances of “Too Tall” were shared by all.

David was a free spirit and had lived in East County for more than 30 years. One friend commented, “when I met him he was living in a container in Rockport, no facilities, no heat, no access to human or social services. He was heading downhill, living by his wits.”

But that’s not where David’s story begins. David worked for private individuals as a landscaper, gardener, and pruner of trees in the Upper Skagit Valley. He spent his time hiking the many trails of this valley and could tell you where the “old” historic sites were located.

Sadly, most of that is lost with his passing. He was one of the best mushroom hunters in the area. He was a landscaper as well, learning his trade from his father. He worked in Marblemount for many years and was very knowledgeable about plants and the forest and the outdoors. He would bring beautiful wildflowers and morels to the Resource Center as gifts and grace them with his stories. He was a common sight walking along Hwy. 20, with his trademark stocking hat and Carhartts. Standing almost 7 feet tall, he couldn’t be missed. Most who knew him would stop, give him a lift if needed, but most times he would say “no, just walking” or “I’m good, thank you … have a nice day and God bless.”

David never failed to touch your heart with his honest, sincere, simple way of life. He didn’t need much—a smile, a touch, a good piece of chocolate—and in return, he would thank you with his unspoken gratitude.

With a lot of help from friends, social services, and Skagit County, after hearing of his plight, they were able to get David a small house in Concrete and get him some good medical attention. His last couple years were happy, and he was finally at peace.

Donations were accepted at David’s memorial to help defray burial costs and return his ashes to his family in Florida, but also to add a plaque at the Memory Garden within the Angele Cupples Community Garden in Concrete in his memory, with an inscription along the lines of “David ‘TOO TALL’ Glenn, rest in peace dear friend, from your East Skagit County family.”


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