Town ponders buying burned property

By Jason Miller
posted 9.5.12

Town of Concrete is growing weary of looking at the burned-out house at 45501 Main St. During their Aug. 27 regular meeting, council members decided to push a little harder to find out why the building hasn’t been demolished.

The home, belonging to Miechelle Herrera, burned in September of last year, and was especially noteworthy for the story of heroism attached to it, when four young local men burst into the home and rescued Herrera from the flames.

A year later, the home has become an attractive nuisance and a liability. Reports of children climbing on the roof made council members even more concerned about what would happen if someone were injured at the site.

Early investigations uncovered little more than confusion on Herrera’s part as to how much is owed on the house and what her role should be.

Concrete Mayor Judd Wilson told Concrete Herald he has learned that about $4,000 is owed on the house and Herrera still has the deed. Wilson is investigating costs and strategies for the town to possibly buy the property, demolish the building, then sell the lot on the open market. He said he planned to speak with Herrera during the week of Sept. 3.

Published in Concrete Herald, 9.5.12

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