Meet Jason Miller

Jason Miller is a 26-year veteran freelance writer and editor whose resume includes experience with a broad range of topics, including home and garden, travel, and development trends, with an emphasis on resilient urbanism. He also provides marketing, advertising, and PR copy for his clients, and has written for newspapers, Web sites, magazines, newsletters, radio, and video scripts. His work has appeared in dozens of publications, including Remodel magazine; New Towns; New Urban News; Deck, Patio & Pool; and Southern Progress Corporation magazines such as Coastal Living and Cottage Living. He has written two books.

Jason moved to Concrete in December 2005. He joined the town’s Planning Commission shortly after, and has since engaged in the community by serving on several targeted committees, including the Parks Committee, the Centennial Committee (formed to steer the town’s 100th anniversary celebration on May 9, 2009), and the Town Center Sign Committee, which managed the design, direction, and completion of the town’s welcome sign. He is president of Imagine Concrete Foundation, a grassroots 501(c)(3) visioning organization. He served as a town councilman for six years and was elected mayor in January 2015.

An avid outdoorsman, Jason enjoys fly-fishing, dayhiking, gardening, urban exploration, backpacking, crabbing, and boating—and photographing all of the above.


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