How often is the Concrete Herald published?

It is a monthly publication, distributed on the first Wednesday of every month. Once per year, Jason Miller and his intrepid bookkeeper will conduct a feasibility study to consider publishing more frequently.

What are the subscription rates?

The paper is available for 50 cents per copy at newsstands and selected businesses along State Route 20. There are three choices for those who want to subscribe:

1. A subscription to the print edition only, delivered via U.S. Mail: $26 for 12 monthly issues
2. A subscription to the e-edition (PDF file delivered via e-mail): $15 per year
3. A combo subscription to the print and e-editons: $35 per year

I’ve heard you’ve adopted a “targeted” approach to advertising. Can’t any Skagit County business advertise in the Concrete Herald?
A: The Concrete Herald advertising policy favors eastern Skagit County businesses, which are defined as any business between and including Sedro-Woolley and Diablo. The Herald also seeks advertisers in the Winthrop business community, since tourists stopping in Concrete and other communities on their way east likely would appreciate a heads-up on what awaits them at their destination.

  • Whenever possible, businesses in eastern Skagit County will be sought out first to take advantage of  advertising space in Concrete Herald and its Web site
  • If an eastern Skagit County business declines to advertise in Concrete Herald, the newspaper may pursue ad contracts with competing businesses in Burlington, Mount Vernon, and other areas west or outside of Skagit County
  • Concrete Herald will not actively seek advertising contracts with businesses west of Sedro-Woolley or outside of Skagit County that compete with businesses in eastern Skagit County. However, if such businesses contact the newspaper, it may accept their ads

How can I reach the paper with questions or comments?
A: Call or e-mail Jason Miller, publisher, at 360.853.8213 or [email protected].

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