How to donate

We’ve reached our goal of $10,000 needed to bring back Concrete Herald, eastern Skagit County’s venerable community newspaper.

If you’re still just dying to contribute, here’s how:

Donate via PayPal:
Click the “Donate” button, below, to donate any amount via PayPal, using your credit card or PayPal account.

Donate by check:

Mail your check for any amount, payable to Concrete Herald, to:

Concrete Herald
P.O. Box 682
Concrete, WA 98237

Donate and get a subscription:
Donate $50 or more and get a one-year subscription to the print version of the Concrete Herald. Your subscription will begin with the month following the month in which your donation is made. Simply make your donation online or by sending a check to the above address.

DONATION UPDATE AS OF 10.29.09, 4:29 p.m.:

WE DID IT!!! With a single donation from the Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon, the Concrete Herald fundraising drive reached its goal of $10,000! It’s official, now, folks: “The Voice of Eastern Skagit County” is back! Please continue to support Concrete Herald with your subscriptions, single-copy sales, and loose lips–telling everyone you can about our remarkable hometown newspaper. Additional donations will not be turned away, either!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who donated during the fundraising drive, which began Feb. 3, 2009: Jason Miller, Valerie Stafford, Lee Sobel, Joe and Marti White, Laurence J. Aurbach Jr.,  Diane Dorney, Live Retro Furniture Manufacturing (Douglas Dunn), Greg and Lisa Loper, Eric Archuletta, Neal and Lois Miller, United General Hospital, John Weinshel, Philip and Debbie Bovenkamp, Anne Tonks, Josef Kunzler, Gene Fioretti, Larry and Marsha McPhail, Jack and Doris Mears, Bob and Lillian DiLeo, Frank and Margaret Timmons, William and Lisa Tuckett, Larry Coffman, Nancy Paris, Pat Buller, Merlene Buller, Pat Buller Photography, Katherine Lange, Mitch and Greta Muscutt, Martin and Ann Dirks, Katherine Tomasulo, Shanon Burke, Scott and Charlotte Nitschke, Concrete Heritage Museum Association, Gerald and Robin Wood, Tim and Susan Carter, Jonathan Carter, Hannah Carter, Larry Bramow, Mary Pat Larsen, Terry Haynes, John and Gail Boggs, Charles and Mary Voelker, Cynthia Dotzauer, Deborah Money, Joel Melom, Linda Hadaway, Lindsay Ehmke, Anna Page, Scott Wilson, Adam Lafayette, Wilbur Nieshe, John Groh, Janelle Pickenpaugh, Mary Shadwick, Rudy Skonord, Melissa Scollard, Corwin Allred, Glenn and Kate Good, Enrique and Paula Enguidanos, Bob Leopard, Terry McDonald, John Previti, Maria Santa Cruz, Annie’s Pizza Station, Eric and Heidi Parks, Barbie McAllister, Anonymous (4), Howard and Karen Stafford, Evalyn Goeringer, Marian Humphrey and Toni Kay Smith, Loralyn Leopard, Keith Tyminski, Maya Redwood, John Matheson, Sharon Rodio, April Lewis, Rob Van Wagoner, Cheri Ogle, Patty Goldner, Wendy Shields, Debra Lahr and Luther Galbreath, William Smith, Cheree Stromeger, Gaylyn Harrington, Lynn McMillan, Carol Wilson, Pat McLucas, Ron Rood, Jennifer Beacham, Al Nickerson, Shelly Ferkingstad, Naomi Rumpff, Firen Skyshadow, Judd Wilson, Mike Dellinger, Angie Sherman, Mark Roetcisoender, Pam Benoit, Howard Herl, Mike Bucholz, Jennifer Corliss, Karen Evans, Steve and Darlene Harris, Thayer and Betty Hughes, William and Sally Pfeifer, John and Nancy Ruhlman, Dan Schmidt, Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Roxann Van Wyk, Seth Harry, David and Dorothy Anthony, Cascade Supply, Nikki Brooks, Vicki Past, Nichole Victor, Jean Johnson, Eli Warren, Josh and Andrea Fichter, Dan and Maureen Royal, George and Lois Theodoratus, Don and Della Payne, Michelle Coda, Summit Bank, Puget Sound Energy, Laurie Thomas, John and Dani Keller, Joe and Monique Knudson, Fairhaven Legal Associates, All American Electric, Darrel and Marla Reed, Ronald Doebke, Andre and Kari van Delden, Michael Lockhart, Sauk Mountain Pottery, George and Staci Barjoud, Ray Johnson, Melinda Mann and Henry Hughes, Eric and Janel Woiwod, Marblemount Diner, Julie Sosa, Jack and Sarah Herman, Dean and Tomilynn McManus,  James Knudson, Greta Movassaghi and David Adams, Quick Lube of Sedro-Woolley, Earl Dyer, Willis and Jody Miller, Robert Stafford, Roger and Jo Gregory, Richard and Barbara Riehl, and Lincoln Theatre Centre Foundation.

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